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LLB (Hons)  PGDip Counselling  Registered Member MBACP

I offer a compassionate, non-judgemental, safe space to explore concerns and issues. By addressing concerns together, it is possible to develop a different way of seeing ourselves.

The Jigsaw

Our life could be seen as a jigsaw - an assortment of complicated, complex and sometimes puzzling parts. Some are distinct and slot together easily whilst others have sharp edges and oddly shaped angles which make them difficult to place.

What does your personal jigsaw look like?
Which pieces are missing?
Which pieces just don't fit no matter how you try? 

What do you want your puzzle to look like?
What holds you back from finding the final pieces?
Would you recognise yourself when all the pieces finally interlock and sit together?
Would you like what you see or would it be too painful to face?
The picture is unique to each of us and the individual pieces need to be understood, addressed and accepted.

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Counselling offers an opportunity to reflect upon our lives and talk about all aspects of this including those parts we find difficult to manage or painful to address.


By reflecting upon our existing patterns of behaviour we can bring about potential changes which may enrich our lives. 

Such changes may be challenging, requiring support and understanding. 

Addressing the past and recognising the importance of early relationships will form an integral part of this process.

Issues Addressed



Low Self Esteem


Addictive Behaviour

Relationship Problems

Disordered Eating


Psychosomatic Illness

Physical & Mental Abuse

Anger Management

Work Related Issues

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