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The process begins with an initial meeting discussing individual concerns and the reasons behind the desire to explore therapy and make changes.


By addressing concerns together there is an ability to develop greater understanding and work together towards personal acceptance. The way forward allows for change and growth in a healing and positive manner.

Long-standing conflicts can seem less overwhelming as greater self-awareness is encouraged and self-belief nurtured.


What is holding you back from being the person you would like to be and living your life in a full and fulfilling way?


By taking the time to know yourself and understand your unconscious motivations you can then move forward, becoming stronger in the process.


Change doesn't need to be frightening and it is possible to develop a different way of seeing ourselves and the options open to us in terms of our development and future. Take time to reflect and repair.

With my support let us face the fears, consider them and address them. We will work together to take you to the next chapter. 

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